happy birthday jack!

I can hardly believe our big boy is 1.
This year Jack's birthday was on Thanksgiving day, but we celebrated it the day after. I think he had a good time at his party. He was a little suspicious of the cake at first and took a while to actually eat his piece. I thought for sure he would dive right in, but I guess our little boy doesn't have a big sweet tooth.

We got Jack when he was 3 months old. We found him on Petfinder; he was posted by a local rescue group and that can be scary sometimes because you never know what kind of dog you might end up with. Needless to say, we were more than blessed. Jack is a wonderful dog. We couldn't ask for a better one!

Isn't he just precious?!


Breakfast At Toast said...

Ok, you are too cute. This is adorable.

Nicole Marie said...

such a cute cake!!!

Jeska said...

This is too cute!! I love that cake. What good parents you are :)

ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Awww you guys are so adorable with your birthday hats. Happy Birthday to your little cutie, Jack. =)

Kimberly Geneviève said...

AWW!! happy birthday to Jack!


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