it's maybe not the best time for a false alarm

button up - target, jeans - nordstrom, boots - dsw

I am pooped tonight. First day back at work after a holiday is always killer. I got used to sleeping in a little and staying up passed my bed time. It's times like these that I miss being in school and getting a real Christmas break.

Currently as I sit in bed typing this, zoey is on my lap purring and hubby has weaseled his way onto my pillow and is fast asleep. I am super tempted to yell, "EMERGENCY!!" and scare the pea-wods out of him (I may have done this a time or two before and it may have been insanely hilarious to see him karate chop the air). I think I may pass on this opportunity because I have this bad feeling that I may end up getting punched in the kidney by hubby or clawed to death by zoey. But I will still laugh to myself at the thought of it. ha!

I think I should probably join my hubby in his peaceful slumber. I have work tomorrow (of course) and I think I should be a little more prepared that I was today. Or I atleast need to try and push the snooze button no more than 2...or 3 times.
Goodnight my loves!!


Ashley said...

HA! You totally just made me laugh. :D

I love your cute outfit!! :)

A Wedding Story said...

LOVE your glad I found it!

Sarah loves it all said...

Loving the plaid on you!

lindsay said...

so this is the very first post that i have gotten to read of yours and i must say that i can tell i'm just going to love you :)

what a great sense of humor you have...needless to say i have thought about doing the same thing a time or too just to see the reaction :)

that plaid is darling by the way!

off to read a little bit more about you :)


linsey grae said...

You just look just like Olivia Palermo:) So pretty! (If you don't know who she is, I'm slightly embarrassed to say that she is from MTV's "The City") Nonetheless, she is pretty and so are you!

keep up the great blogging!


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