the fire is so delightful

Today after work, I got a massage. The last time I had one was in February, it was super overdue. Especially after all the traveling I have done lately, my body has been real achy.
To put it simply, I feel great and tonight I just plan on relaxing.

On another note, our animals LOVE sitting in front of the fire. I captured a few photos of each of them; they are sooooo cute! I just love this time of year when we can put on the fire and light up our Christmas tree :)


Brooke said...

oh wow! I really like the setting you have at your house. The fireplace and the tree. So gorgeous!

Jeska said...

Oh sooo nice. I love the hardwood with the light tree and warm fireplace. It's perfect. Lovely.

Ninjagaiden78 said...

That looks soo nice. Great mood setting.

Kristen said...

Your pets are too cute!
Your fireplace looks so cozy, I don't blame them!

You need show more of your house!

morgan. said...

this is so precious :)

my dog sleeps on top of the heater sometimes.


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