just dance

Earlier this week we hung out with some friends and they 'convinced' Jason and I that we should open just one gift each.

Okay, really this is what happened. Jason convinced them to try and convince me that it would be a good idea. Little did he know that I already knew what was in store. You see, over a month ago I got Jason one of his Christmas presents that I knew he would love, but also it was something we could enjoy together and with friends. I found this gift for a killer price, so when I got the 'intuition' that he got me the exact same gift, I just decided I would play along. After all, I knew we would be returning the one he bought (hubby is not quite up to my bargain shopping skills).

This is how it went down:

I made sure that we would open our gifts at the exact same time. I was sneaky and put his in a larger box with weights to throw him off.

And then we all danced!


Linka said...

Best. Game. Ever. I played for the first time over the holiday and I'm so embarrassed to report that my sister and MY MOM beat me. I now live with this shame. but I still love the game!

Leigh said...

That game is SO MUCH FUN!
<3 Leigh


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