closet makeover, part 2

I did it. I purged my closet and these are the unlucky pieces that didn't make the cut. When I set them out on the couch I was like - holy moly that's a lot of clothes! I was tempted to take a few back, but I had to stay strong and just say goodbye. There are still plenty of more awesome pieces left in my closet. I am planning to take my bags of clothes to Plato's Closet and hopefully make some money. Whatever they don't buy, I will donate.

How do I feel after the big purge? Great! It's crazy because I can already tell a major difference. Getting dressed is so much fun now. There are no more anxiety attacks and near breakdowns when I walk in my closet to pick out an outfit. And it is so much easier for me to find new remixes. It's like a whole new experience. I love it.

What's next? Well according to Kendi, the next step is to Assess. She gives some great tips on taking inventory of your closet and deciding what is needed and what is wanted. She also suggests putting some outfits together ahead of time and trying new remixes.

Here is my need list:
khaki pants
long gray cardigan
solid color turtleneck
khaki skirt

Here is my want list:
colored pencil skirt from j.crew
red suede heels from urban outfitters
bb dakota hasley red dress
a dress from shabby apple

1 comment:

Jeska said...

wow that's a lot of clothes! I love that feeling of clearing out the closet!!


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