my weekend in review

Saturday night we went out with some friends (Kelly pictured w/me). Hubby was really excited because he got to wear his new bow tie. He is such a cutie when he gets dressed up. I think this bow tie look is here to stay. Yay! ;)


Also this weekend, some presents mysteriously showed up under the tree. I have had hubby's gifts wrapped and under the tree for a while now, but now there are two for me!! AND there is something in my stocking. The mystery is so exciting, but don't worry - I don't peak :) Although it is quite tempting to shake a box or two.

Other events of my weekend not pictured:
  • Sunday afternoon my aunt and I ran 8 miles!! This is a huge deal for me becuase I have never ran this far in my life! It was quite the confidence booster. Only a little over 2 months to the big race!
  • My bestest friend Lindsay and her boyfriend Landon are in town!! I just love every chance I get to see them, since they live all the way over in California. I will no doubt have some photos to share this week since we will be hanging out again and hopefully again!!
I hope you had a lovely Monday!! Only 5 days til Christmas!!


Brooke said...

I love seeing new presents under the tree that weren't there a second ago! haha and can't wait for CHRISTMAS!

Ninjagaiden78 said...

The bow tie look is kinda cool.

Jeska said...

Hehe it's exciting to see new presents under the tree :) And I like the bow tie!

morgan. said...

y'all are some pretty good lookin people :)

Marella said...

Cuuuuute pics!


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