65 days

65 days until our baby girl is due to be here.

I am really starting to feel the pressure that she will be here in no time.

She is moving all the time.  The craziest is when she changes positions and it feels like she may pop through my tummy.

By the end of the day, my back and feet are achey and sore.

Almost all of my regular clothes are now no longer options for maternity outfits.

Comfortable sleeping are two words that no longer belong together.  And going through the night without a pee break is not an option.

I get super emotional without any notice, tears just happen.

Being sick while pregnant is the absolute worst.  Miserable is an understatement.

The nursery finally feels like it's coming together.  Although we still have much to do.

I grow more and more anxious for her arrival everyday. I just want to meet her. I want to see her face and love on her.  It's kinda my favorite when I see Jason's excitement; he is going to be the best dad.  This is just the most amazing time of our lives, worth whatever pregnancy decides to throw my way.

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yours truly said...

New follower! Congratulations on your girl! My husband and I are expecting out first child mid-April!


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