28 is great

Earlier this week Jason and I celebrated my birthday with some yummy Thai food for dinner at Rain Thai Bistro.  I really wasn't even sure if I wanted to do anything because some days after work I am just so exhausted that the thought of venturing out again is too much.  But I am so glad we snuck in this birthday/date night just in case it's our last one for a little while without baby.  

We are finding that it is hard to talk about things other than her though; she consumes most of our thoughts and discussions these days.  Which is okay because we are just so anxious to meet her.  We have each been doing some reading in preparation for her arrival; Jason is reading The Happiest Baby on the Block and I am reading Breastfeeding Made Simple.  So far we are really enjoying both, we will have to see if they are helpful and worth it once she gets here.  39 weeks tomorrow!!

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