lady in pink

I took these photos of Joanna a couple weeks ago when we finally had a break in the rain. This dress was the first baby item we bought once we found out we were having a girl. I would have never guessed that it would take her 5 months to grow into it! (it's size 0-3 months) I just love my little petite lady. The dress is more pink than it looks in these photos, but since I'm no professional photographer and I don't have any type of Photoshop...we will just deal with the more pink-ish/red-ish look for now. haha I always just think it's a good thing I have the perfect little model for my photos. I mean, really!

Joanna is day by day getting better at sitting up on her own.  A little trick we did for these photos was have Jason slip his arm under the blanket to hold her up...genius, right?  I will say though, that she is a pro at rolling around like a maniac and her army crawl is pretty hard to beat!

- I love how it looks like she is curtsying - 
- their friendship grows each day and it makes me such a proud mama - 

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