pumpkin baby

Of the hundreds of pins I have pinned, there are only a handful and some change that I have actually taken a second look at. So many pins and so little time. But before October completely passes us by, I had to share a few photos from our *pinterest success* photo shoot with Joanna and the pumpkin. She was all about this pumpkin. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous and I was trying to prepare myself in case there was a complete meltdown like some of the photos I had seen. You just have to feel so bad for those poor babies crying and screaming while sitting in a slimy pumpkin all for the sake of a silly photo. And here I was, about to be one of those awful mean parents. When we placed her in the pumpkin and her face lit up, it was like a choir was singing and I could breath. She was game and I was ecstatic.  Jo has been such a good sport with the bajillion photos I take of her and I am hoping it stays this way. I just love capturing her sweet and spunky personality, such a little ham ;)

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Unknown said...

oh my gosh! cutest pumpkin ever! ;)


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