what if

What if I could get all my daily cleaning done.  Everyday.

Have my weekly meals planned out and groceries bought.

Take a shower and make myself look decent...often.

Have a new and fun learning activity for Joanna each day.

Sing on tune.  On purpose.

Get out of the house more.

Keep up with blogging.

Make all of the photo books I need to make.

Finish the painting for Joanna's nursery.

Pick out paint color for the dining room.  Guest bedroom/office.  Master bathroom.  And then paint each room.

Finish the desk.

Be more romantic with my husband and show him that I appreciate him more often.

Exercise 2 or 3 times a week.

Wax my eyebrows.

Get a pedicure.

Call, text and/or e-mail all the people that I have been meaning to.

What if I could do it all.  And more.


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