play date at the park

It's looking like I am blogging on my new mommy time, which happens to be about a week or more after any event has happened.  I'll catch up one day....some day.  These photos are from a gorgeous evening last week at the park.  We had a really great group for our play date and Joanna was loving it.  I think she really thrives in a group.  She must get that from her dad.  Although I love hanging out with people, Jason is the one that usually shines when we are with big groups.  He has a very electric and outgoing personality - a great match for my more introverted self.  Anyway, so we have been doing great sticking to our weekly trips to the park.  (we made this plan here)  I hope this amazing weather stays at least through the month of October....even longer would be nice. (crossing my fingers and toes!!)

^ Joanna with her new pal Bryn
 ^ The moms and their babes

^ Joanna sure loves her Nana
^ Joanna and Emma! Besties!
^ Typical

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