a family stroll

This greenway is my favorite spot to take walks with my family.  The scenery is gorgeous and the path is clean.  I also love the fact that most of it is in the shade to keep us cool on these hot days.  Jack's favorite part is that it runs along a creek; he loves taking a quick dip half way through.
I love my little family.


By Sara Romero said...

aw how adorable... this makes me happy because I hope to move in with my boyfriend soon and get a dog and feel the same way! lol


Courtney B said...

Gorgeous, I'd love to take walks there as well!! Lucky girl :)

DWei said...

Looks a lot nicer than the ravine near my house. There's trash everywhere and I think homeless people live under the bridge.

Bree said...

I took my dog for a walk by the path around my parents, and not even 5 minutes in, she got a bur stuck to her beard right by her mouth. Those stupid little suckers really stick themselves in there good! I had to turn around and take her back home and cut it all out :(

Stevie Leigh said...

Looks lovely!


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