insta weekend

We had a really great weekend at my house.  

My brother stayed over and we always enjoy having him around.  A couple weeks ago he fractured his tibia and is now on crutches for at least a few more weeks.  When we went to the grocery Jason insisted that he use one of the electric scooter carts; so he wouldn't get too tired of course. ha!

We also were going through a bunch of boxes from the garage.  It was mostly all items from my childhood and growing up.  I came across my favorite baby doll (definitely keeping) and an old diary (not keeping) among many other treasured items.  It's always fun to take a trip down memory lane.  We are going through boxes because we are trying to clean out and de-clutter.  We had to ask ourselves the question Should we donate everything or have a garage sale?  Our decision: garage sale and then whatever doesn't get bought will be donated.
What do you think about garage sales?  Are they worth all the trouble?


Ally said...

oooh! What is your instagram username? I'm looking for interesting people to follow!

And Garage sales, while they are an effort are a nice way of recycling. Other people will enjoy your belongings and you can buy new ones or put money towards a holiday.. It's the circle of life :)


Ana Magdalena said...

Garage sales are the bomb, and so are your photos. it looks like a great weekend!

By Sara Romero said...

First of all that first picture should be framed...hilarious. Honestly I think what you decided on is the best idea also. Garage sales can be worth it as long as you plan them out right and its a good way to get rid of junk you don't want anyway and make some extra cash.


Nikki said...

Jack's expression is priceless. I used to have one of those dolls too! I can't remember what they were called though.


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