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Last Friday evening,  Jason and I re-opened our super exclusive babysitters club and watched my niece and nephew for the evening so my sister could take the night off and have dinner with a friend.  We had the whole evening planned out - rice and bean burritos with avocados for dinner and a surprise trip to get frozen yogurt for dessert.  When I told my sister our plans, the first thing she said was that Adelynn doesn't like rice and has always refused to eat it.  Say what?!  I refused to accept that fact and proceeded with our burrito making plans.  We decided our method would be to just give her the burrito and don't tell her whats in it.  Turns out, it worked like a charm.  She ate (almost) the entire thing and said that she loved it.  Operation rice-lover: success.

After dinner we loaded up the car and headed out for dessert.  This definitely put us on the top of the list for best Auntie and Uncle.  We had a grand time; sampling flavors before making our final choices, carefully selecting the perfect toppings, and enjoying every last bite until there wasn't a drop of yogurt left.  And we managed to make it through the entire evening with zero meltdowns.  I think it may be time to upgrade our babysitting status to child whisperers.  Maybe.  


Stesha said...

awww you guys are too cute! I love frozen yogurt!!


Meg {henninglove} said...

i love froyo!! and a menchies just opened up near me so i might just have to try it. there is a yogurtland like .5 miles away which is dangerous

Sparkle said...

child whisperers! hahahah :)
aw too cute! :)


Emily Brisse said...

Frozen yogurt! So good. We have a place here in Minnesota called TuttiFruitti, or something like that, and it is one of my favorite places on earth. :) Cute (and happy!) kids!


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