hooray for new landscaping!

When you own a home, it seems like the projects are never ending.  For the most part it is fun to fix things up and make it exactly how you want it, but the down side is that everything seems to to require a good amount of $$$.  We have been in our home for three years now and each year we pick a couple big projects that we will do.  Last year we put in wood floors, new grass and added a concrete slab.  

This year we decided it was time to fix up our landscaping.  We had let it get pretty bad...please don't judge. ha!  Since neither Jason nor I really had the time to tackle this job, we hired a good friend to do it for us.  We are super pleased with the end result.  And I am so in love with having trees now, I never realized before how incomplete our home was without trees.

Next year everything will be more grown in and look even more fabulous.  
Thanks Shawn for helping us out!!



Carlee said...

Cute!!! It looks so great!

Can your friend come do my yard? There's a lot of droopy trees and 6-foot weeds in our space, too. ha.

Cecilia Green said...

It is always good to buy in phases. This way, you can save on loan or credit costs while being able to evaluate your progress and adjust plans before moving to the next phase.

Cecilia Green

Jeremy Beauregard said...

The small plants are lovelier than the six-foot weed. With the new landscape, people will not just appreciate the beauty of your front yard, but the style of your house as well. The greenery blends with the bricked wall and exterior sidings well. I think the yard will become more beautiful if the tree beside your house has grown.

Jeremy Beauregard


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