slam on your brakes

A while ago, my high school friend Emily wrote a post about slamming on the brakes.  While reading it, I instantly thought of occasions where I wished I had done exactly that.  You see something interesting on the side of the road and hesitate for just a second and then the opportunity passes by.  

I remember last year while we were driving down to Panama City, we took some back roads and passed by this tiny post office building that was straight out of the olden days - I had never seen anything like it.  I said I wanted to stop, but Jason was hesitant and I didn't press the issue.  So I missed it.  And a year later I am still thinking about what an awesome photo that would have been.  

Needless to say, a few weeks ago when we passed this field of cows, we slammed on the brakes.  I mean, it's not everyday that you see horns like those (unless you are in Texas, I guess).  I am pretty excited about this new motto I have added to my life; it's time to start really living.  Thanks, Emily!


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EMILY STAR said...

Haha Love it Amber! I am not always super good at it. I hate to break rules, and lingering on the side of the Interstate with traffic flying by....feels like breaking rules. Hah I love the cow pics! ;)


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