I think it's about time for an update.

Since it's been a while, let's do a quick catch up.  We'll call this round one since a lot has happened in the last three months!  Here are some of the highlights that have happened with us lately:

^We had a baby.  I ended up being induced since I went over my due date.

^Joanna quickly stole our hearts with her insane cuteness.  I mean, really?!
^Baby Jo and Jack became fast friends.  He loves giving her kisses and always comes around when she cries to make sure everything is okay.  Can't wait to see them grow up together!
^My mom has been an amazing help to me since day 1.  I am so appreciative of her and feel blessed to have her just a phone call away.  Joanna will call her Nana (no one wants to be called grandma these days...that would be like admitting you are getting older or something I guess)
^She is fan of bath time.  At least I think she is...she is always very serious during her baths, almost never cracking a smile.  It is like she is just trying to soak it all in (haha soak it in...get it..) before it is over. 
^They are pretty much two peas in a pod.
^This little lady and I have spent many many hours together the last few months.  Her precious smiles after she wakes up are so sweet.  
^We were so glad when the weather started getting nice.  It was finally time to begin venturing out of the house more. Yay!  Joanna is just too cool for school sometimes ;)
^She likes to keep track of how much she grows each day ;)
^It felt so special to experience my first Mother's Day as an actual mom.  It still sounds weird when I say it out loud.  I am a mom.  It feels quite surreal, how did I get so lucky?
^Jason had a birthday.
 ^We went on vacation to the beach! (more on this later)
^We met some friends for ice cream; Joanna was pretty excited :)
^Gosh I could just eat her up, I love her so.  

This little lady has filled my heart with so much joy.  Sometimes I can hardly believe she belongs to me; such a precious gift.  She has already grown and changed so much.  It took her 10 weeks to finally grow out of her newborn size clothes...that sure was bittersweet to pack away those tiny little outfits.  It is so neat to watch her discover the world around her and learn new things everyday.  I am just so thrilled to be in this new chapter of our lives!

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Amanda Wissmann said...

Oh. My. Goodness! WHAT A SWEETHEART!!!!! I just love the pic of you and her when she was born. So precious! She looks like she just loves life! YAY for the update! Keep them coming ;)


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