st. augustine: part I

Last month we took a trip down to St. Augustine with my mom and brother.  This is by far our favorite beach to visit; I mean, who doesn't love a dog friendly beach that is never crowded?!  We could not wait to take Joanna to the beach for the first time either.  Baby in a floppy hat and bathing suit? Yes please ;)

We were so glad when the weather turned out perfect for Joanna's beach day...not too hot and a nice cool breeze.  She basically stayed in her little tent the whole time with the exception of our mini photo shoot.  We bought this tent and I am soooo glad we did, it was perfect!  It kept Jo out of the sun and allowed in the breeze, plus I was able to breastfeed her inside it.  I also used this trick I found on Pinterest to make her even more comfy so she could take her nap, worked like a charm.

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