We had two fourth of July celebrations this year; one on the third and one on the fourth. Jason and his brother decided to buy a bunch of fireworks and they put on a fantastic show for us Saturday night. We went out to my cousin's house (which is located on a huge empty piece of property) and invited the whole family. We began by taking fun, creative pictures with sparklers and then they got the show started. Everyone had a great time.

On Sunday night, the fourth, we went to watch the city fireworks at our Veterans Park. We got there pretty early (way too early we found out) to ensure we got a good spot. We melted in the sun for a couple hours, while enjoying food and fellowship with family. The Chattanooga Symphony Orchestra played live and the show began as soon as it was dark enough. The fireworks were awesome. They really put on a good show, I love how the American flag was in the forefront of the fireworks. I think what makes this program so special is that it is in the Veterans Park and it is altogether a great tribute to those that have served our country.

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