whine and cheese

Today was hump day at work. The middle day in my work week that seems to be lasting forever. It really felt as though it should have been Friday today. Ugh. Does anybody else have weeks that feel this way?

Things have been steadily busy in my life and this stupid sickness bug has been lingering along with me. So my sleep has not been the greatest, thus contributing to my exhaustion. Man, I feel like I sound like a big complainer! lol I don't mean to be whining, but I don't feel all that great, so yes, I will have some cheese with my w(h)ine please - thank you.


Jenni said...

Definitely feels like it should be the weekend right now!

Chels said...

I always kind of thought that Tuesdays were the longest day of the week. Because it's not quite hump day, and it's no where even close to Friday. Wednesdays are definitely bad too. Bleh.

SERENA said...

Cheese and wine, best cheer up ever! :)
Adorable pictures, by the way! xx


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