animal instinct premiere

blouse from target, express pants, shoes from urban outfitters, ring from janeys jewels

You remember when I talked about developing my personal style here. Style bloggers continue to be a daily inspiration for me. All day I have been super excited about this post because it is another first for me (my first first here, get it?).
This is my first time wearing leopard print!
I am not sure why, but it just makes me feel like I just got promoted in the fashion world. (don't laugh. haha!)

If you follow me on twitter. You have heard that I am sick. Well I am at the beginning stages of that something going around. I sure wish someone would figure out what something is because it is really an epidemic. I mean I am constantly hearing about people having something.
Anyway, my symptoms are as follows: headache, sinus pressure, fatigue, constant runny left nostril, and slightly achey throat.
Anyone have a clue as to a diagnosis?
For now I am just drinking lots of water and taking my vitamins. I will let you know how it goes. I hope none of you get something.


MyLittlePhotographs said...

This looks so hot on you. I don't think I could ever pull off the leopard look but I admire those who can. You look gorgeous as always:)

Nikki said...

Cute! Is it a tucker for target blouse? I've been trying to get my rearend to target for some work clothes.

amber said...

@nikki the top is actually merona. by the time i made it to target, they didn't have any tucker pieces left in my size :(

JMay said...

You look adorable in that photo!

Caitlin said...

ahhh i have this blouse & LOVE it! looks great on you!

Davina said...

leopard definitely suits you..keep pushing yourself to go beyond your comfort zone, interesting things start to happen and you begin to feel that you own the clothes ; ) strut your stuff!


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