i like to conquer my fears

old navy cardigan, f21 cami, betsey johnson belt (seem here and here), express pants, rocketdog shoes (seen here and here)

Hubby is pretty much going to be MIA when it comes to taking my photos this week, which means I need to get creative.
Today my idea of creativity was taking photos in the guest bathroom. A skill I am learning to master, but in a new environment. My photo location = creative.

Now onto my title - that is right, I like to conquer my fears. Today this meant speaking to a class of college freshman. I was the guest speaker at my alma mater for an Intro to Social Work class. I was talking about working with the elderly population, since that is what I do.
A friend of mine asked me back in August if I would do this, of course I said yes. And then completely forgot about it. Yesterday she sent me a FB message reminding me that I was scheduled to speak tomorrow (which was today).
I instantly got butterflies.
But really I think it may have been better that I forgot because I only had one night to stress about it instead of weeks or months.
After all is said and done, it went really well. I actually really like public speaking, but I always get super nervous before hand. And I think I was more nervous because it was a bunch of students, who could potentially snore me out of the room if I was a complete failure. But I wasn't, I conquered my fear. So just like my hubby, I am a champion! haha

p.s. these photos really made me laugh because they are all the exact same, only slightly different. i feel a little conceited looking at them, but really i am not - i swear. i think i am a huge dork. oh and then i decided to throw in a random shoe photo. lol

p.s.s. please ignore the wig package on the counter. the store had all their halloween stuff 90% off, so i got that bad boy for 50 cents!!


Sydney said...

OOH! I'm so glad it went well for you! I HATE public speaking. Hate it.
So I'm glad you only had ONE night to stress. Way to be awesome when hubs isn't there to assist! Jeeze, I don't know WHAT I'd do!

Nikki said...

I thought you were going to say that your biggest fear was belting sweaters, because that is seriously one of mine. I love the look but can't pull it off!

good luck with your speech!

MyLittlePhotographs said...

hahaha Love the creative shots in the mirrors, looking fierce as always


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