it's business time

old navy top, cardigan from target, h&m skirt, betsey johnson tights via tjmaxx, rocketdog shoes

This is who I call Professional Amber™.
For the last couple months I have been working on improving my work wardrobe, and I'd have to say I am doing quite well. I was pretty excited to throw on a pair of tights with this outfit. Although I want to look professional at work, I like throwing in a little twist - the tights were my twist today.

Have you ever seen the show Flight of the Conchords? If you have, then you are familiar with the song Business Time (which is currently stuck in my head). If you haven't, then you need to get with the times and check it out. It's funny because this particular song has nothing to do with actually working. It's about "working," wink wink. So maybe I need to find another song to have in my head to get motivated and be productive at work.

Do you have any tips to being super productive?


Kendra said...

I love that song!! Btw...nice business socks;) Love the outfit!

daniela said...

The phrase "i love your style" is probably an understatement!

Can't wait to come back and see+read more...following :)

Alice and me said...

Wow.... this looks so business and so cute at the same time.

I will definitely come back to see more!

Thanks for your comment.
Love from Germany,

Ninjagaiden78 said...

I love those shoes.
Nice blog, I will be definitely following.

Nikki said...

Ah I love your patterned tights and shoes. You've got style lady!


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