there's a first time for everything

f21 sweater and necklace, old navy tank, gap jeans, urban outfitters shoes

Okay folks, this is my first attempt at taking my own photos with a timer.
I realize the color and angle is not the best, but I do not have a tripod, thus I was forced to worked with what I had immediately available. Therefore, our outdoor side table got a temp job as a camera table.
Typically my hubby always takes my outfit photos, but he was working and I thought I would go with plan B and give it a try. I think I will just stick with plan A and have hubby take the photos of me from now on.
It's the end of the work week. I am pretty worn out. I only had the motivation to take six self photos and so these three made the cut.
Jack kept trying to steal my spotlight, so I let him have a photo all to himself. You will notice the much better quality of that one.
He is so spoiled, but he deserves it. He is way too handsome not to get his way.
Plus, he ways 75 lbs and could probably knock me over if he wanted to (but he loves me, so i am sure he would never want to).

Finally I can say Happy Weekend my dear friends!!!! Enjoy :)


MyLittlePhotographs said...

These look fine. You can totally continue taking your own photographs. The 3rd picture is my favorite. Your doggie is the cutest.

Ashley, Lions Lace Lattes said...

Your self portraits aren't bad. Your outfit is cute. I have such a hard time with the self-timer too. I prefer to have someone take my photos. Plus I'm too afraid to venture past my balcony if I'm taking photos of myself. lol.

Sydney said...

These are so cute! Way to do an awesome job with the self portraits! I haven't been brave enough to try some yet ... thank goodness husbands there at my every beck and call. hahaha NOT.

And I totally agree. MEANT to be friends for SURE!! :)

Behind The Seams said...

your dog is so cute!

Michelle said...

You look so cute! I'm awful at using the timer on my camera, I always look so awkward!


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