the changing of the leaves

We went on a picnic with family this weekend.
The weather was a-mazing! It is so nice to see all the leaves starting to change. In case I haven't said before, this is my absolute favorite time of the year.
We went to the Tennessee Riverwalk for our picnic, which is the perfect place for short walks and awesome photo ops. It runs right along the river and has several fun little play grounds and spots to just relax and enjoy the nature.

Question, why do the weekends always seem to fly by? I wish it was opposite, as in we work two days and have off five days. I wonder if my boss would ever go for that. . . I probably shouldn't hold my breath.

Do you remember teeter totters from when we were kids?! I forgot how fun they are! haha


Kayla said...

Teeter Totters were the best. I need to get to the park soon now!

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

Lauren said...

Love the pink chucks!! And the changing leaves are absolutely beautiful!

Sydney said...

A-DORable. Seriously. You guys could not get any cuter.


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