take a walk with me

shirt, ring and necklace f21, jeans from nordstrom, shoes from bakers, urban outfitters sunnies, michael kors purse

One of my favorite things about Savannah was how you can walk or ride your bike almost everywhere.
If I lived in a place that didn't require me to have a car, I would be a-okay.
I felt like we really got to experience every aspect of this lovely town because we were able to walk everywhere. When you are driving, it's easy to miss many of the details that make a town what it is. When you are walking down a street, you actually look in the shop windows and stop in for a look.
Plus, I think I would be in amazing shape if I always walked that much.
I know that Jack would love to live in a place like this.


MyLittlePhotographs said...

aww, you're so cute hun. I would definitely wear those cute little flats!

Grace, Money Smart Fashion said...

Amber I am in love with this outfit!
You look very J.Crew in these pictures :)

Sydney said...

I'm turning green over your necklace over here. Just so you know.
You look so beautiful!!

The Pretty Pauper said...

I just came across your blog. Very cute!

Feel free to follow me!

(The Pretty Pauper)

princess V said...

Thank you for visiting my blog!I am now a follower:)

Love your look!


Sweet Green Tangerine said...

Savannah is my home sweet home. :)

Love your blog. I'm a new follower. You have great style!


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