it was a monday kind of day

Well friends, today was for sure a Monday.
Work was quite busy for me. Our office is going through a lot of changes and transition usually requires some extra work. I am sure things will get better; it's just getting there that is the hard part.
Hubby also had a rough day. He worked 15 hours (he is such a dedicated nurse!). Needless to say, he is pooped too.
So now that we are both finally done with work and home together; we are going to relax and turn off our brains for the night.
We just wanted to be sure to stop by and say hello!
I hope your week started off well.

Who's ready for Halloween?? Me, me!!


Kayla said...

I am so ready for Halloween. Hope you guys rest up. There's still a lot of week left to get through!

Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

MyLittlePhotographs said...

oh my gawd! 15 hours? Hope you two have a lovely night together.

lady_flower123 said...

I'm ready too ;D


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