i need to let you know this just in case

I just want to document this conversation in case this really happens in the future.

Hubby: I need you to primise me something.

Me: Depends....what is it?

Hubby: If I ever get hurt really bad, I need you to promise me that you will take photos of it first before attempting to help me. I'm serious.

Me: Seriously? No matter how bad it is?

Hubby: Yes. I want to have the pictures.

Also I want you to know how silly my hubby can be. He is a nurse so he thinks all that blood and stuff is cool. Me, I want to be driven to the hospital ASAP.


A big HOORAY for the weekend!! I am always happy when it arrives. Weekend, you are my fave.
Here are some of the things I will be doing this weekend:
  • This weekend I am attempting to make my niece a birthday tutu for her 1st birthday. They grow up way too fast!
  • And I will be running a dreaded SIX MILES!! This is according to my new training program that I have started since I am officially signed up for a half marathon. (I am a princess in training! haha)
  • I will also be going to my very first Mary Kay pajama party.
  • And cooking my first Thanksgiving side dish for our office party on Monday! Yay for yummy food!!

I hope you all have great plans for the weekend!! Thank you for all your comments and kind words this week, you are the best! :)


Brooke said...

aw, I definitely want to see the tutu!

MyLittlePhotographs said...

Good luck with the tutu, I'm sure she'll look super cute. Also, have a great time at the Mary Kay PJ party, I went to one a few years ago, it was so much fun although I felt lots of pressure to buy stuff.

Amanda said...

Ummmm. I would have a hard enough time trying to get my hubby where he needed to go (I don't do well with blood) let alone take pictures?!

Te tutu sounds fun! Ive had a few friends make them and say they were pretty simple! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! My niece and nephew just turned one...and I cannot figure out where the time went! Isn't being an aunt the GREATEST?!

Hope you had fun at the sleepover!

Allison said...

Congrats on your six miles this weekend!!!!!!! THat is awesome!!!!

Glad you found me b/c now I'm a follower of your blog! So cute!

You Are My Fave said...

The other day I biffed it really bad and my husband just laughed and said, "Yes! My dreams are coming true!" What?! I'm sorry that his dreams are lame things like seeing me make a funny fall.

JMay said...

You two are adorable :-)


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