i am one lucky lady

This is my handsome hubby, Jason.
Sorry for the poor cell phone quality photo, but this is the face and outfit of a champion.
This photo was taken on the morning right before my hubby headed out for his interview. This interview was thus far probably the most important interview of our lives together. It was an interview for the CRNA (certified registered nurse anesthetist) program.
Yesterday, he was accepted. He got in!!

This particular program and school is super competitive and I am incredibly proud of him for getting in. He is so smart and super motivated to succeed. I know he will do amazing as he starts back at school this upcoming year, and soon enough he will be the best CRNA in all the land!!


MyLittlePhotographs said...

HUGE congratulations to him!

Sydney said...

OH HOORAY!! That's so exciting!! Aren't successful hubs the BEST kind of hubs?? haha! Congrats to you both!! :)


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