happy birthday, hubby!

our first official pool day a couple weekends ago::courtesy of Jason's instagram (@jasoncastro)

Today Jason has finally caught up with me again and turned 27 years old.  That's right my friends, I am a real life cougar.  Even if it's only by 3 months.  Jason is really pretty fortunate, because I test out the age for a few months and tell him how it is.  If it's not all that great, we can just skip his birthday so he doesn't have to get older.  So far everything has been pretty good.  And for some reason I don't think Jason would ever be willing to skip his birthday...he always likes to milk it for a few days, which is fine with me.  Mostly because I always do the same.

Happy Birthday babe! I think 27 is going to be pretty great.

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paddle to shore said...

ha! what a cute post, and his birthday is so close to mine, he must be a gemini!


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