end of summer and a birthday

Since today is the official last day of summer, I wanted to share the sweetest photos of Joanna's first time in my mom's pool back in August.  She thought it was simply the greatest.  It's like a giant bath...does it get any better?  I think not.  

I have to admit that I am okay with the end of summer.  Even though I don't feel like I got to truly enjoy the summer season, I am happy to have some cooler days.  Cooler days mean more walks and trips to the park.  More fresh air and relaxing afternoons on the back porch.  Long sleeves and adorable baby sweaters.  Love love love.  Fall is easily one of my favorite seasons.

Welcome Fall.


Happy happy birthday to my precious nephew, Kaleb!! He is nine years old today...NINE! How in the world did this happen?  I remember the day he was born.  And now he is such a handsome young man who is a master in karate.  Can't wait to see you again, hopefully soon!  Love you!

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