my new job: week one and a photo dump

i am now a week and a half into my new job and i feel more tired than ever.  how does that work?  i mean, being a stay at home mom is easy, right?! ha! let me tell you, if you don't already know, this job is no joke.  it takes some serious hard work and organization to run a household full time.  i had this grand idea that right away i would set up my family binder and get my daily routine going and bam - house under control.  not so much.  i don't think i realized how many projects and tasks i had put way way back on the back burner.  i even still have jason home with me (since he hasn't started work yet) and still we have so much to do.  last week was one of the busiest weeks i have had in a long time.  and i feel like we just made a small dent in our seemingly never-ending list of to do's.  that all being said, we have accomplished some great things and most importantly, spent some priceless quality time with our main girl Jo.  that little girl is amazing.  everyday she brings such joy to our lives as we watch her grown and learn.  here are a few snap shots of the fun stuff going on around here:

^ Joanna turned six months old on September 5 . . .
 ^ . . .we celebrated by starting solid foods. . . 
^ . . .and taking her to the park for the first time. the swings were a hit! we can't wait to go back soon.
^ back story of her minnie shirt. i was in orlando, florida with my family last summer.  we took my niece and nephew to disneyworld and all that jazz. jason wasn't able to go because he couldn't take the time off of clinicals. while i was there, i found out i was pregnant. so i bought a little minnie shirt and a mickey shirt. when i got home, i was giving jason all the things i had bought for him and was like - oh yeah, i forgot something. i wasn't sure which one, so i bought both. it took him about half a second to get it. it was such a special moment. who would have though it would take her six months to fit into it! love my little petite lady :)
^ nothing more attractive than seeing jason interact with joanna. she loves him so.
^ jumping queen! she just loves to bounce like crazy in her jumperoo. we get a kick out of watching her go!

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