beach hair

I have decided that short hair makes amazing beach hair.
I used to dread combing out my long hair after a day at the beach, but with short hair; it was a breeze.
I think I might stick with my short hair for a while.  I pretty much am in love with it.

Something else I am in love with - my hubby!
I am positive there is no one out there more perfect for me.
This weekend is his birthday and I am super excited to celebrate!
What are your plans for this weekend??

{i love hubby's shadow in the above photo, its like it's a picture of both of us. ha!}


Ashley said...

um love! you are so adorbs! love the hair - def keep it!

Hannah J. Holmes said...

i love your hat!

Kimberly Geneviève said...

I love these. Such a cute couple.



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