guest blogger: rockstar diaries

"Why hello there! My name is Kingsley and my mamma blogs over at Rockstar Diaries. Sometimes I write on the blog as well, but this week, I am guest posting over here (yes, dogs can do these sorts of things) to share with you three very important things I have learned so far this year. Are you ready? Grab your paw pen...  

1. Squirrels are flirtatious tricksters that are not deserving of our constant chase or devoted curiosity. We need to stop giving them so much attention. They are mean. And no matter how sweet you try to be, they just don't want to play with you. 

2. When you hear the shower in the bathroom turn on and Dad reaches for your doggy towel, RUN! You still have a good chance to escape bath time! 

and 3. No matter how many times you sit patiently in the kitchen beside the counter while Dad is cooking, he won't drop anything for you to eat. It's just not worth your time anymore to see if he's changed. Now, Mom on the other hand.... ALWAYS stay put at her feet while she's making a meal. Do this, and you'll be one very happy and well fed pup!




Tracy said...

This is so cute! Love the idea :)

Maggy said...

And this is why I love that blog...not that the whole family isn't adorable, but Kingsley's wisdom never ceases to make me laugh. He should start a blog.

Emily said...

Cute, cute, cute. Love that blog and yours! So sweet.

Jeska said...

Cute :)

tiffany. said...

so cute! i LOVE Sir Kingsley's blog posts too :)



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