sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do

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Have you ever had one of those insane craving for chocolate where your mouth is watering and you feel like you will go crazy unless you get a Snickers?  Yea, me too.  Really it happens about once a month - ladies, you should know exactly what I'm talking about.

So on my way home I figured I'd run into the gas station real quick and grab that chocolatey goodness.  I looked in my change holder and I had 95 cents. "Perfect," I say to myself.  A Snickers is probably about 50 cents, but I decided to bring in all the coins just incase.  As I enter the gas station and go straight to the candy isle, I gasp - $1.29.  What?!  In my head I am going crazy; since when does a candy bar cost $1.29!  My eyes race up and down the isle and there is nothing with chocolate under $1.29.

I left the store insanely frustrated.  Good thing there is a grocery store nearby.  I head to the store and inside I find the candy. Under the Snickers it says 99 cents.  I wasn't about to use my credit card for that amount so I quickly look around and see ice cream 2 for the price of 1.  Bingo!  I grabbed two cartons of ice cream and my Snickers, hit up the self check out, and once I was in the car I sunk my teeth into the amazingness of a peanut butter Snickers.  Heaven.  Definitely worth all the trouble. 
And if you follow me on twitter, you may have read that I had a craving for ice cream the other night and there was none in sight.  That problem is now solved.  That's what I do people; I kick problems in the butt.

It was raining all day long, so when I saw there was a break I quickly snagged hubby to take some photos.  We weren't outside even 5 minutes and the rain started again.  But I am not complaining because our yard is always thirsty :)


Ramsey said...

I have that condition once a month every month. When Mr. man knows it's coming around, he brings me tubs of ice cream, midol and chocolate. He's a good guy. I think I'll keep him.

Sam {} said...

this happens to me all the time!! could totally go for a snickers right now :)

Dana @TheSundaySweet said...

Thank you for stoppin' by my blog Amber! P.s. I love your hair!

Rachel Ann said...

Hi! I saw you on the 20s add page...your blog is super cute, so I thought I would follow you, if that's ok!

Cassie said...

This is So true, made me laugh

Lynn {hearted girl} said...

i sure do know what you're talking about Amber. in fact last night was a snicker bar sesh that couldn't be denied ; )

the price of those things though, woosh! glad you found the cheap and cheerful bin and could then live it up with this chocolate goodness, you're a trooper for sticking it out that way! : )

loving your pretty blue dress, it's such a great color on you and your hair looks incredible, even in the rain! how do you do that? mine goes into a pile of frizz. beautiful shots; enjoy the rest of your long weekend. movie date night sounds perfect! ♥

maria said...

Look at your gorgeous hair!! and blue is definitely your color girl!!!


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