hooray for national pet week

Welcome May! 
This month is going to bring a lot of great things; we leave for a little vacation this week, hubby has a birthday, hubby starts the CRNA program and it is National Pet Week.
That's right, the first week of May is National Pet Week.  So of course I am going to dedicate this post to my furry friends.  Also, hubby and I are headed a little farther south to the beach so I have some special treats planned for you guys - I have some awesome guest bloggers scheduled for you who are also going to share their furry friends! Stay tuned :)

Jack is seriously the greatest dog ever.  I would say his trade mark move is the head tilt.  His favorite things to do are take walks and play fetch.  Jack does so well with meeting new people and he is even a pro with small kids and babies.  I can't wait to take him to the beach for the first time this week - it is so fun to watch him discover new things. 
Zoey is the newest pet in our house.  You might remember when we found her last fall.  She has been the perfect addition to our home.  She loves to sit in your lap and cuddle.  Zoey always seems to find the sneakiest places to lay - this photo is her in my closet.  Usually the animals are not allowed in the closet, but I'm not shocked she snuck in. ha!
Tina is our little hunter.  If ever a bug sneaks into the house, she will hunt it down and get rid of it for us.  She also has a very sweet side.  She follows me all around in the morning when I get ready; meowing and demanding my attention.  She will even wrap her arms around my leg and give me a little nibble if I ignore her for too long.  She is persistent just like her mommy :)

I also want to make a special mention that all of our animals were rescues in some way or another.  There are so many animals out there that are just waiting for a loving home.  A great site to find available animals in your area is Petfinder - that's where we found Jack.
And like Bob Barker always said, help control the pet population and have your pets spayed or neutered.


Brooke said...

HA love the Bob Barker comment! and Yay for May! starting off great already :D

By Sara Romero said...

what a cute kitty :)


L!$@ said...

aww you're making me miss my pets! Lucky I get to go home this weekend and see them all :D

Kinsey Michaels said...

aww i love your furry little friends. I bet Jack will just LOVE the beach!
enjoy your vacation!


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