gorgeous nursery

This week has fallen quite short of being a good week.  I tried really hard to be positive, but I guess not every week can be a good one.  Thus, I am extremely grateful that it is finally the weekend.  Hooray!!

One thing that made me smile this week was this absolutely gorgeous nursery I came across on Made by Girl (which she found on Cape27).  When I first saw it, it literally gave me butterflies. It is beautiful and inspiring.   No I am not pregnant, but I do have my occasional days of baby fever.  Once Jason starts school (in May), he will be in school for 27 months, so the plan is to start our family once he graduates or at least is super close to graduating.
I would like to have 5 kids (3 biological and 2 adopted).  Some people, okay most people, think I am crazy, but I have always wanted to have a big family.  And I have always had a great desire to adopt.  I realize I say all this before I have even had 1 child, so maybe my feelings will change.  Who knows, but right now this is how I feel :)

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


Ashley said...

I LOVE the color of the curtains...maybe I should do Adleynn's room with that color???

Brooke said...

WOW! That really IS a cute nursery! So pretty and I love the frames on the wall :)

Gertrude said...

These are so cute! Wow .. 5 children? It's nice though that you would like to adopt as well! x

Tara said...

What a beautiful nursery! I've always wanted to have my own kids and adopt, too. I'm not sure why, it just feels like the right thing to do.


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