let's talk numbers

shirt and belt-the limited, pants-banana republic, boots-kenneth cole via dsw

Whenever I wear this shirt, I feel extra business-y.  The whole outfit is pretty simple, so I threw on the leopard print belt to add a little sparkle.
Since we are talking business, I thought I would share just a smidge about our progress with our budget. I am really proud of the strides we have made thus far.  January was our first month to really start cracking down on our spending.  

I heard about this great budget website from one of my fave bloggers, Grace.  It's called Mint. I opened up my Mint account in November 2010 and really started getting into it in January.  The site takes some getting used to and it definitely requires you to do some work to make everything accurate.  But it has helped me tremendously to see where we were overspending and sometimes just wasting money.  It given me a more clear picture of where we need to cut costs and it has also allowed me to set up budgets so that I can better control my spending.  Already we have cut down our spending by about $1,000.
  Wow, that just sounds crazy when I say it out loud.
Some of the areas we have cut down our spending in are cable, internet, shopping - specifically clothing and home decor,  eating out and also being more cautious about our grocery shopping.  We still have work to do, but so far each month we seem to be improving.



Loving your ruffled blouse and that animal print belt IS a great way to give a simple outfit some extra pizazz! You look gorgeous, very chic! And I love Mint but it's not available in Canada yet. Boo. xx veronika

Ashley said...

I've always done my own budget with excel...but I will have to check out Mint.

Grace, Money Smart Fashion said...

yay for mint! haha i love it! and ps you look freaking adorable.

on another note, I don't know if it's just me but I can't see your full pictures when I click through to you site! Just the thumbnail in my blogspot dashboard.

is that weird?

Anyway yay for saving money!

Kinsey Michaels said...

that site sounds like a really good way to track spending. i may have to look into it for myself, haha!
absolutely loving the polished look of your outfit.

Kendra said...

You look great! Love the ruffles! I'm going to check out Mint now!

Sam {} said...

We used to use Mint and loved it!! Then we got kind of freaked out about having all that info on a website and canceled the account, but I hear it's totally safe...I'm just crazy :)

Budgeting is awesome and really good for the marriage - keep up the good work!!

Elizabeth {e tells tales} said...

Love that shirt!

And I loved Mint when I was in college and needed some serious guidance. I use Outright now for my Etsy business, since it's more PayPal friendly.

Marella said...

Amazing style dear, you look gorgeous! <3

Kailee said...

You are soooo pretty! And I love this outfit and it's simplicity. :D
P.S. I gave you an award! come look!

Soren Duus said...

You look beautiful in that outfit! As for your business, it's great to have these programs to help you out on your daily tasks. It's especially useful when your business gets bigger, and doing it manually won't help out anymore. Keep up the great work!


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