ground hog day

top-urban original (seen here), skirt-h&m, tights-old navy, booties-steve madden via dsw (seen here and here)

Apparently the ground hog did not see his shadow which means that we are supposed to have an early Spring.  
I am all for this.
We got a taste of warmer weather this past weekend and I loved it.  But now it is back to super cold and I am not a fan.  
Really it is mostly just a pain when it comes to running.  I have found it much harder to have a good run in super cold weather.  My aunt and I tried running tonight, but could only push out 25 minutes because the cold wind was brutal.

One thing I want to do with my outfit photos is to continue scouting new locations.  This is our first time in this spot and I think it has great potential.  I can see it becoming one of my regulars.  The greatest part is that it is like 2 minutes away from my house so it is super convenient.  I just hope who ever owns the property doesn't see us and come after us with guns (we live in tennessee, you know).  That would be pretty scary.  And a little over the top so let's just hope the owners aren't that dramatic.  Or let's just hope they don't mind us using their property.  I think I would prefer the latter.

I call this one 'i look like i have to pee but really i am just freezing and trying to stay happy'


Ashley said...

That is totally your "I have to pee" look!!! : ) I love the pink tights.

Rachel said...

loving the pink tights :)

lauren nicole said...

i kind of want your ENTIRE wardrobe.

if the slight chance that i am ever as petite as you, and you're getting rid of clothes, i'm taking a number for alllll hand-me-downs :))

ps, there is an award for you on my page.


Olivia said...

Loving this outfit! On the ispiration board. I'm working towards revamping my work wardrobe. Its a painstakingly slooooowwwww process.

Miranda said...

Great outfit, I love how the tights bring out the cats on your blouse.

Gertrude said...

You look so so gorgeous!! Love the blouse. The location is really nice, I'm sure the owner would let to take as many photo shoots as you want ha! :)


You look gorgeous! That new hair is so lovely on you. And may I just say that, that IS the cutest shirt ever! I adore it with the skirt + bright pink tights. Really fab! xx veronika

PS And that last pose? Priceless!

J.Ashley said...

love the haircut

DaniellaBella said...

The colours are lovely! They really compliment you!

Kimberly Geneviève said...

CUUTTE!!! the hot pink is ... HOT!


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