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commonality, connection and creativity
These things go hand in hand when tapping into an illuminated reserve of brainchild conception that is called inspiration! A place where everybody knows your name...isn't that something that warms us up and gets our gooey insides flowing; not to mention a rather familiar tune as well.

My beats get faster when I've found someone or something I connect with, there's a certain awakening that occurs causing my every sense to heighten. Though it's not an everyday happenstance but why would we want it to be; those sparks sometimes flicker for a moment and other times you can keep revisiting them as a constant source to pool from.

Grudgingly, I began my day; one like every other. Not really even fully aware of how I made it into
the bathroom, brushed my teeth or showered. It was a blur. The hours that followed bled together almost unknowingly like an aestheticized wound. I didn't realize maybe I'd left a bobby pin protruding from my topknot or that my packed lunch hadn't been refrigerated. My unfocused bleary eyes still tired from a restless sleep the night before, I hear a muffled ping go off inside my bag. Pulling out my phone I check a new email, half-expecting it's a spam raid or possibly my darling man sending me a cyber-kiss to help cheer up the day. No...I see an email from someone I don't totally recognize. "who's this?"  i think. Reading on to see it's from a fellow blogger, she read my stuff, she liked it AND she kinda/sorta likes me too...really?? well wow, I am instantly perked up in my chair, the flush rushes back into my cheeks, every beautiful color
has returned to the room. I am inspired!

There's nothing magical here, not a hat trick or a genie did appear. It was the feeling of recognition, not just the "i like you" or "you're great"....the simple, sole fact that someone took the time and effort to extend themselves in my direction.
Encountering an inspired event is also usually unforeseen and this is what I believe to be the universal conspiracy edging you closer to a mondo epic WAHoooGA trajectory! Some like to play it cool and not get too glitter disco dance party, some I imagine stifle their involuntary inhalations by packing on the stone cold swagger. I on the other hand go with my impulse: busting out the exclamation points and jamming with the moments transformative powers by plugging all the way in.

It's interesting to read about the various "rules of nature", there are quite a few and usually I question a lot of so-called "rules" and nature IS outdoors where the winds howl and spiders hang from trees but I'm choosing to use this word more as a symbol for our impulses right now. If you think about it nature really does have its own unobscured way of taking in the good with the bad and making its own pot-luck collective, so it works here too. The thing is when you offset natural instincts, things go wrong every time. This is how I view inspiration too; it's like our own little intuitive divining rod leading us to the right place at the right time. Set yourself apart from the fray and open up to the inspiration! Skeptical eyes are kinda "UGH", it's the bright ones that are wide enough to catch the brilliant light!

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Lynn {hearted girl} said...

thank so much amber! thinking of you as you're running like crazy in Florida, hope it's a fab time!

i see there isn't a linky with this post so if anyone would like to find me, here's where you can:

hearted girl

cheers! ♥

Melissa: Write it in Lipstick said...

This is beautiful love the images the writing all of it.

Giselle said...

How great is the picture with the dog giving a high five, its little things like that in life that help me on a busy Friday ;)
Have a great weekend!

Janette said...

Greattttt choice for a guest poster Amber!! Lynn is a top notch, cool candy, bonnie lass! I also like your blogaroo! It's so organized and white. I LOVE THAT. May be leaning toward heading in that stylistic direction with my own blog.. Also your puppy is so cute! I have a beige and black furry friend too...

Love this part Lynn: "My beats get faster when I've found someone or something I connect with, there's a certain awakening that occurs causing my every sense to heighten. "
TRUE STORY!!! And my favorite picture is the doggy high five one..Seriously. It's. Cool!

Janette, the Jongleur
PS. Your word verification is eurbi..We should invent our own definitions for all this letter jumblage... I think.

Kylie said...

Love the doggy high five too! This is just so gorgeous, Lynn - all of it :) You are an inspiration! Kx

amanda archambault said...

I saw you were a guest on someone else blog so I figured I would stop by and visit
Great blog and Great post! Thanks for sharing,
xoxo, Amanda Archambault
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Death By Shoe said...

This post seriously gave me goosebumps - so well written and so lovely. I love how inspiration, however small it may be, can hit you at the most random moments and sometimes the moments you need it the most!


Breeanna @ a brilliant melody said...

lovely post! Love the pictures and your write so beautifully!


Yay, Amber, I am loving Lynn's beautiful guest post, a truly inspirational read from a fabulous woman. Thank you for brightening my day ladies & for the smiles. xx veronika


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