5 hour energy

There was a change in plans and I ended up picking up my sister and the kids from the airport. Their plane was delayed and they were not going to be arriving until 12am central time; however, I had to go to Nashville early to pick up a car seat from Babies R Us for Adelynn. This meant that I had to leave at 6:45pm eastern in order to get there before the store closed. I arrived at the store and it took myself and an employee about 30min to figure out the car seat and get it properly put into the car. Next I headed to a gas station to fill up, use the restroom, and purchase my first 5 hour energy. I then made my way to the airport and still had over two hours until their flight arrived. Thankfully I had the bright idea to bring the macbook and I sat in the airport and watched a movie. Movie of choice: The Proposal. Their flight finally arrived about 15 minutes late and after we collected their bags and got situated in the car; we were on our way! After a long and foggy journey back home, we finally arrived at 4:15am - SO TIRED! I guess the 5 hour energy helped, but it wasn't as powerful as I thought it would be.

Needless to say, I was super excited to see Kaleb and Adelynn . . .and Ashley of course :) I can't believe how big they have gotten since I saw them in December. We have already been having a great time and I am loving every minute!!

Kaleb meeting our dog, Jack

Adelynn waking up on her first morning in TN

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