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Jahnil and I headed to SATC 2

Last night my friend Jahnil and I went to see SATC 2. We had planned to go last week, but I had to cancel because I ended up picking up my sister from the airport. So we headed off to the 8:30pm showing and we were so excited! I heard some mixed reviews about it, but regardless I knew I would want to see it.
What attracts me so much to SATC is definitely the amazing fashion and the excitement of living in New York. In high school I dreamed about going off to college in the Big Apple and experiencing the life of living in such an amazing place - as you can see, that never happened. So in a way SATC allows me to experience the thrilling life of NY.
My thoughts on the movie are that it was okay. I laughed on several occasions, but maybe some of my disappointment is that not enough of the movie was actually in the city. There were some cheesy and unrealistic parts that I found a little irritating. I loved several of Carrie's outfits and it gave me an instant desire to go shopping, which I did today! haha Without question, I liked the first SATC movie better.
Although I wasn't 100% satisfied with the movie, it still renewed my dream to go to NY and spend time in the breathtaking city. Perhaps it is time to start planning a trip ;)


Nike' said...

Aw man, I wish we lived closer to each other. I have wanted to see this movie, but need a girlfriend to watch it with. I think it could be pretty tough to try and rope Jesse into going with me:)

amber said...

Nike', I wish you lived closer too!! Seems like a good time to make a move south ;)


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