c is for castro

printer's letter stand from anthropologie

I am forever looking for fun and different looking decor for my house (like here). I would love to eventually start some DIY projects, but until then I will depend on others to make things for me to buy :) When I saw this "C" stand at anthropologie, I was instantly attracted to it. I walked around the store for a little while before I told Jason that I just had to have it for our house. I wasn't quite sure where I wanted to put it, but once we got home, it found the perfect place on our mantel. I have already gotten compliments on it and even Tina approves. I just love this new addition.


Chelsea and Korina said...

I love this! And your cat is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Ah, I love the "C". Anything that I could give meaning to (C for Cristin), I buy. It is turning into a slight problem :)


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