bittersweet view

how I see the world outside my office

Having a large window in my office is really bittersweet. On one hand, it allows me to have a distraction from my work when I need a second to breath. It also allows me to day dream and feel as though I am getting some sort of fresh air. I really like my view of Lookout Mountain in the background. On the other hand, it is like torture because I am stuck behind the dirty glass and long to be on the other side. Days like today, when it is bright blue sunny skies it is especially bad. My hubby has the day off and he is at home enjoying time with Ashley and the kids....I hate to admit it, but I am so jealous! And I really don't like this jealous feeling.

On a brighter note, tonight is date night! We have changed our plans a few times already, so who knows what we will end up doing. All I know is that we will get some much needed couple time, and that makes me smile :)

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